Friday, December 2, 2011

This Really is the Good Life!

I have just finished the last of the studio polishing.  The white flannel is pinned on my design wall and I am vacuuming one last time.  At 4:00 today, I sat down, with a chocolate chip cookie, tea and watched Dr. Oz. And I thought, "Life is really good today, my studio is ready for me!"  It has never been so clean.
Looking at my communications center and newly covered design wall.

The pink Styrofoam design wall is covered and usable, a beautiful quilt is hanging on it, and my walls have  quilts and other special items that surround me that I love.  My printer which conked out this week, is now working, thanks to HP tech support.  The baseboard heaters are painted a beautiful white and trim is too. The dark 70's paneling is gone. It is time to work on my newest Egyptian quilt again, it needs lots of embroidery before it can be quilted.  There is my collage which you've seen, which is ready for basting and quilting.  Lots to do.

Before I begin my embroidery and quilting, I will give you a quick tour of my studio.  This wall is my communications center and design wall which is 8 x 8 feet. It is shoved into the corner, but if I need the full width, I can scoot is to the left, covering up the clock.  Egyptian Water Garden II is hanging on it right now.  I love this quilt, when I look at it, it makes me feel good. 
Check out the fresh white walls! My cutting table is half a ping pong table, & rulers hanging on the wall.  Notice the outlet on the wall where the pencil sharpener is plugged in.

Around the corner is the long wall with my TV, cutting table and windows.  I have hung up Line Dancing Under the Stars, Tragedy on Esplanade, Black Eyed Susans on Purple and A July to Remember.  It is good to live with your quilts surrounding you. My studio gets lots of light in the morning, so I rotate the quilts to reduce fading.
This is a very long wall, so I'm showing it to you in 2 parts.

Around the next corner is my short wall with all my products that I sell online: books, patterns, booklets etc. My stereo keeps my quilting smooth and there is an assortment of Winona Lake items on the wall. My postage stamp piece honoring Winona, a historic painting on grass cloth, a water color by local artist Jean Thielen, a Japanese figure I've had since the age of 12, a poster of Winona, and two black eyed susan pieces. The little one was a gift from Emily Parson, and the Purple Eyed Susans was a demo in my book Dancing with Thread.  It really sings on the bright white wall.
This is the part of the room where the embroidery and quilting happen!
 Last of all Oreo is thrilled with the new look.  She can walk along the ledge that is 4 feet up from the floor and watch over all my creative activities and the critters outside. Another bonus, I found an electric outlet, that I didn't know was there, on the long wall. It had been piled up with assorted treasures and junk for years.
The drawers facing out, under the machine cabinets are where I store my thread--by color.  They are on wheels and can be moved around.
Well, I'm ready to sew now.  This major cleaning will never happen again. Once every 35 years is enough. I'm good to go sew.

Have a good weekend.

Ann Fahl


jq said...

It looks lovely and worth all the work. I didn't realize the Tree of Life was so big! Somehow the uniform size of the photos on you web site lets one forget that you don't work in one size only!

annieQ said...

It is a very long quilt, and will still fit on a narrow wall!

ann said...

I have a serious case of jealousy. I'm doing all my work on a very small table in the hall while my biggest layout surface is my bed. I've got to redesign my spaces so I can have a REAL place to design.

Michele Bilyeu said...

You did a wonderful job! It looks fabulous, is efficient, and well thought out in planning and being clean is a super bonus! I can see a lot more amazing creations coming out of here!

Rachel said...

Fabulous! Enjoyed the tour of your space. Now I can visualize you there happily creating your next masterpiece. Had to laugh at discovering another outlet--what a bonus. Enjoy your accomplishment.

BarbR said...

I love your ping pong cutting table. What a great idea. I am most interested in your sewing table.I can see quilting on such a deep surface. Would you tell whether this is a "ping pong" table or a brand product that can be purchased? I am very interested as I have to arrange multiple small tables around my sewing table to support the quilts. The storage underneath is wonderful too. Such luxury. BarbR =!=

annieQ said...

My machines are in Tracy Tables, with leaves that open up. This gives great level quilting surfaces!

I used to surround a small sewomg cabinet with card tables and an old drop leaf table, and that worked too.

mageez said...

Your studio is beautiful. I'm impressed you can work in there. How long does it take to be 'comfortable' again? When mine is clean it inhibits me. chaos seems to help my creativity.

annieQ said...

There is still chaos. It just doesn't happen to be in the pics. I still have stacks of stuff.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Your studio is wonderful. How clever to use half a ping pong table for a cutting table. Love the quilt on the design wall it is one of my favorites.

I am more creative in coming up with ideas and choosing fabrics when things are organized but once construction starts it become a disaster for that entire process. The I clean up again before quilting.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your studio looks beautiful and inviting! What a great idea to use half a ping-pong table!