Thursday, November 17, 2011

Topstitch Needles Go on an Adventure!

For a number of years I've been selling my patterns, books and notions on the web.  When an order comes in, I am so pleased that someone likes my stuff enough to purchase it. Last year I decided to offer a 4 pack of Titanium needles on my website.  I really believe in them, they have made my work easier. 

Late in September a customer I will call Mary, ordered a 4 pack.  I shipped them to her Sep 28 in a hand addressed envelope.  Two weeks later, she hadn't received them so I shipped her another set.  This time with trackable label. Again, Mary let me know envelope #2 hadn't arrived and she was using her last titanium needle, wasn't there something I could do?  It's November by this time, and the tracking information said the envelope was undeliverable and would  be shipped back to me.  I wondered what was going on?

Here is envelope #1 as it arrived back at my studio after a month and a half
 So I sent her another package, again with a trackable label.  Finally envelope #2 arrived at her house.  It was too late, because #3 was already on its way.  Then envelope #3 arrived.  And just the other day envelope #1 arrived! Wow, all those envelopes were so late in getting to Mary's house!  Where do you suppose they went?

Do you suppose #1 made a stop in Hawaii, visited relatives, did it hide in the mail truck?  Mary wrote me again, after I told her all the extra packs had finally been returned to my studio.  She remarked, "no matter snow or sleet, the post office delivers."  So I guess it does, but we have to be patient.
Spring Gift, original quilt by Ann Fahl

So I've decided that after an early start, the needles went on a trip to Houston to see the big show and visit my entry Spring Gift, before they went on to Mary's house.  She was surely waiting for those needles, and this evening, I picture her as being warm and cozy; sewing a quilt in front of her fireplace!

Stay warm
Ann Fahl


Joan said...

Hello Ann: I'm loving your Spring Gift quilt, pictured here. Is this the quilt where you have used your tri-step applique method? I'm waiting for you to publish an instructional book so that I can learn tri-step applique also. Love your work/art.

annieQ said...

Nothing will be published this year. Thanks for watching.