Saturday, October 27, 2012

Garden of the Sun God--The End

The last challenge is to find the right fabric for the binding. At first I thought perhaps it would work best to piece a variety of red fabrics together. But then I realized there was a lot of stuff going on in the border already, perhaps one or two fabrics cut on the bias would be a better solution.

It's wonderful when I go digging in my stash and can find a number of possible fabrics for the binding. I chose a red batik with lights, mediums and darks marbled through it.  Perfect. Always cut binding on the bias, the corners will turn flatter, and the long sides will lay flatter. For a thorough discussion on binding your quilt see my booklet on bias binding.

Announcing the completed quilt, Garden of the Sun God, by Ann Fahl, this quilt is now included in my Ancient Artisans gallery on my website.

The completed quilt, Garden of the Sun God, 52.5 x 63 by Ann Fahl © 2012


Robbie said...


Anonymous said...

Ann, thank you so much for sharing your journey with this quilt. I have your books and love what you do. It was very enjoyable sharing you progress through the creation of another wonderful quilt.
It is my plan to use your techniques to make a quilt of my own, with the wonderful wildflowers of Western Australia, where I live.
Thank you again.

Hannele said...

It is really beautiful! Thank you for a most interesting walkthrough of the process :)

annieQ said...

Thank you all for your messages. Whenever I begin a new project I have an idea, but nothing concrete. It is extremely satisfying when the quilt turns out as good as this one has.