Friday, September 27, 2013

Choosing the Fabrics

These are the new fabrics purchased for the restoration of this quilt.
You might say, "those fabrics look really dark!"  Well actually they are very close to the original color found on the underside of the old appliqued fabric.  I chose one that was a little richer in color rather than lighter than the original.

The fabrics are exactly what I was looking for, they are slightly mottled, so they'll blend in with the age of the quilt when washed.  The green fabric is from the Troy Corp, Riverwoods Collection, Modern Textures by Marcia Derse of mddesigns.  The red is called Solids for moda.

When I get home with my bag of fabric I want to begin right away. BUT:::::::::::the fabrics need to be rinsed out first.  I always do this with every fabric I own.  I rinse the fabric in hot water in my sink.  If it bleeds, I continue to rinse until the color is gone. Then it goes in the dryer. This prewashing accomplishes many things:
  • Removes excess fiber and lint from the fabric
  • Rinses off extra finishing chemicals from the fabric
  • Removes excess dye so color doesn't run onto the background or neighboring fabrics
  • When dried in the dryer, fabric may shrink so that the seams will be more stable and cause less puckering.
Only after this has been done, does a fabric go into my "stash."  It only takes one disaster for you to say, "Oh, why didn't I take the time............."

I've made my templates, cut a few tulips out,  and I'm ready to begin the hand stitching that I've been waiting for so long.  I can hardly wait to sleep under this quilt.

Let the journey begin.

Ann Fahl


Rachel said...

I agree with your practice of washing and drying fabrics before use. And I have a disaster story or two to back up my view. These fabrics will be really sharp against the white background. Delicious!

annieQ said...

I know of several disasters that occurred, when the fabrics weren't washed ahead of time. It is a terrible thing.

Barbara Harms said...

What a interesting post,letting us look over your shoulder and watch as you work on this. What a challenge you have taken on.I am fascinated.