Friday, September 20, 2013

The Red and Green Renovation Begins

Original border block of the Red and Green Tulip quilt.
Why am I spending the time to do this?  Not only do I love the quilt, but the white background and the quilting are in good shape.  The base is solid, only the appliques are falling apart.  So my thoughts are to remove the really bad parts, and just applique over all of the design, so the quilt looks consistent across the top. I plan on using this on my bed!

Off I go to the Sew 'n Save in Racine, they have a lovely fabric store next to their sewing machine shop.  I've decided that I need 2 yards of green and 3 yards of red fabric.  When matching old fabrics, I find it helpful to have a swatch to find the right colors.  Because there are so many bad spots on the applique, there were small places that I could cut off to expose the original color underneath. So this is what I took with me:
These are the little snippets of the actual fabric I took with me to match colors.
It didn't take long before I found the right fabrics. I'll show them to you next time.

Ann Fahl


Robbie said...

This will be a beautiful quilt will you've finished with it. And with the quilting in tact...why not just repair what's needed! Very nice!

annieQ said...

It is certainly what we call a labor of love!

challenge coins said...

What a great visit and you are all looking so happy ...we sure do miss seeing you as often though