Friday, September 20, 2013

My Loughry Grave Project

Jeremiah Lochry 1700-1749

When I first discovered Jeremiah’s gravestone on findagrave I thought to myself, “This headstone needs to be replaced.” His grave and cemetery information can be found there.  The opening page shows his 6 x great grandson near a small rock, which is all that remains of his grave marker. Mr. Lochry was the second person to be buried at the Lower Marsh Creek Burial Grounds in what is now Gettysburg PA. It is a very old cemetery and the Presbyterian Church nearby seems to be taking good care of it.
 Jeremiah's grave today
In 2011, I called the Presbyterian Church and asked them for a photo of the headstone, then contacted their historian, who led me to Codori Memorials in Gettysburg PA.  All this time we’ve been waiting for research to tell us how Jeremiah’s last name should be spelled. The Historical Society in Adams Co. did the work and we’ve determined it should be LOCHRY.  It has been spelled: Lockry, Lochra, Lochery, Loughry, Loughery, Loughrey, Lawry, Lowry, Lowery, etc. so there is reason for some confusion.

Jeremiah Lochry is ancestor #1 in the book titled A Brief Genealogy of the Loughry Family of Pennsylvania by Julia A. Jewett. He came from Ireland to America before 1740 with some of his family. He and his wife had 8 children; at least 5 came with him to the New World. They settled in what is now called Pennsylvania. Several of his sons fought in the Revolutionary War. His descendants are now too many to count, have gone on to accomplish many things. My mother’s family came from PA, and that it how I descend from Jeremiah. He is my 6 x great grandfather, he deserves more than just a remnant of a gravestone to mark his resting place.

Mr. Jim Codori has designed a new stone, taking into consideration the requirements of the ancient cemetery, for Jeremiah.  It says: “ Here Lies Jeremiah Lochry, Died December 1749, Founder of the Loughry Family.”  My goal is to have it in place in the spring of 2014 at the latest.
Planned grave marker 22 x 10 inches, level with the ground.

My plan was to ask all Loughry Family members for donations, but discovered the paperwork and tax implications would make that a difficult project. When I went to the bank to set up a "benefit" account, I had the ladies is tears telling them why I was doing this.  I like to keep things simple, so I am going back to my original plan, and will pay for the stone.  There may be some changes in the above proposed stone.  I will show you a photo of the stone, when it lies above Jeremiah.  This is just something that needs to be done.

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my mom was Ruby Arlene (Loughry) Norris....from St.George, West Virginia. Her dad was Amer Warren Loughry (also from St. George..his wife was Leota Lorena)….Amer's dad was Aaron Daniel Loughry, and Amer had 9 siblings.