Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Tip for Printed Treasures

Today I printed a quilt label on my computer. This is always the last thing I do when making a quilt. I like to use Printed Treasures, a Dritz product with paper on one side and treated fabric for computer printing on the other. I have used this product as long as it has been on the market. Ocassionally it is difficult to remove the paper. Today, it was impossible!  I carefully pulled the paper off and  it came off in layers only removing a portion.

While watching Oprah today, I picked and peeled and picked some more, I spent over 30 minutes peeling little strips off the back. Then I realized that this was going to take hours. Because I had nothing to lose, I put an iron, set on high steam on the paper side, I brushed it with my hand, and it came off with little effort!

Eureka, I've found the solution to difficult paper removal!  After the ink is dry, peel off the paper as carefully as you can.  If it strips off in layers, leaving a mess, use the steam iron and while it is still hot, immediately brush off the remaining paper with your fingers. This will only take a minute. Then the label can be pressed and trimmed to size.

I've always found Printed Treasures to be a convenient product to use, so I was relieved when I found a simple solution.  So, tuck this away into your personal bag of quilting tricks.



Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad to hear this because we use that brand for our labels for our church sewing circle and I was having the same problem gettting the paper off.

SewCalGal said...

Interesting. I've always been ironing it (mentality of heat setting). But good tip to share.


annieQ said...

I've always ironed the photo or label first, and after it cooled I'd peel off the paper. Something is different about this package of product though. Next time I print something, I'll try ironing the product and peeling off the paper immediately and see how that works.

Frances Arnold said...

I had this problem once as well, but that was with a package that I had kept for several years. I wonder if you package had sat on a shelf for a while??

Rachel said...

Thanks. I'll try that next time since I've had the same experience (to a lesser degree) with Printed Treasures.

Lisa said...

OH THANK YOU! I am working on a memory quilt and am finding the same problem as you. Thanks for the great tip

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for this tip. I just turned on my computer to search for "Printed Treasures", difficulty removing paper and your blog post was the first. I live in a dry climate, plus we are still in the heating season. I'll try this next time. Today, removing paper was awful - like you, little bits, taking forever.

An additional bonus is that I found your blog! Yeahhhh - two birds with one stone. 8-))