Monday, January 3, 2011

Ode to My Purple Vase

I've just finished sewing the binding on a new little quilt.  As soon as I finish the tragedy quilt, I will post it with my final comments!

So here is the picture of my new little piece, My Purple Vase.
My Purple Vase    by Ann Fahl

And here is the poem I've written about it:

Oh, you are such a wonderful purple
But my new vase looks like a urinal.
Your glass is both rippled and clear
With a price of five dollars you’re hardly premier.

Add a flower, you totally transform
Into an object whose color both cool and warm.
With embroidered flowers and curly green leaves
You are a sight that’s so sure to please!

The big pink flowers and fabrics scrappy
You are a sight that makes me ever so happy.
With thread covered flowers and leaves at your base
You have now read my Ode to this little vase!

You can see larger images on my website.

Did I make you smile?

Ann Fahl


Sally said...

Yes, you did make me smile. You're a natural poet! BTW, what did you use to create the translucency of the base? I love the whole piece! TIA, Sally said...

Yes, I smiled and then I laughed!! What a great piece you created!

AsianArtAndQuilts said...

It's a fun poem and a darling little quilt.
I'm so curious, as was Sally, how did you create the translucency of the vase? You've got us quessing!
When you enjoy what you do, so does everyone else.

Rachel said...

Hey, if this quilting thing doesn't pan out for you, maybe you can begin a new career in writing poetic artist statements for quilts! Loads of fun. Thanks for the lift.

Unknown said...

HA! Thank you!