Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Success--Back to the Troubling Quilt part 5

At last it is done.  Before Christmas I rolled up this quilt and put it away.  I was out of ideas about how to change some of the problem areas.

I added the large flower at the bottom, and felt better about that.  Then it was quilted and blocked.  When I hung it on my design wall, I knew I was still "stuck" at the point of needing something in the center portion of the quilt in the water.
Tragedy on Esplanade by Ann Fahl
After the holidays, I unrolled the quilt and took a long look at it.  I added ducks. In a light bulb moment I realized that it was possible that ducks might be out there quacking in the water after the accident.  I moved them around in many configurations. I settled on spreading them out across the lake.
Now I could work on shading of the foreground. After all, this happened at midnight, and my colors look like daytime.  So I got out my colored pencils and shaded the ducks which were too bright.  Then I darkened the applique stitching at the top of the grass, near the hammock.  Then I shaded the upper grass and below the hammock. Voila! I am happy and satisfied with the finished product.

I am done.  All my design problems are resolved. The quilt has been bound, photographed, and the label attached to the back. The memorial to this terrible tragedy is complete.

For more images of this quilt you may go to my website.

Now, where will I exhibit this memorial? Do any of you have any suggestions? Do you live in Winona Lake, Warsaw or Wabash IN? These are the communities that might have an interest in exhibiting my quilt.


Diane Doran said...

Ann, have you thought about exhibiting it in Sacred Threads? The website is

annieQ said...

I don't know if it is spiritual enough. What do you think?

Ruth said...

It is a great quilt and it is spiritual enough for Sacred Threads. There is always the story behind the quilt right there with each of the quilts at Sacred Threads.

Rachel said...

I'm weighing in very late on this comment but definitely submit to Sacred Threads. Their categories are: joy, spirituality, peace/brotherhood, inspiration, grief, or healing.

J said...

My daughter attends Grace and this was such a shock to the entire community. Is there anywhere at the college where it could be displayed temporarily or permanently.

Judy Alexander said...

Great quilt.