Monday, January 17, 2011

My Big Project

Whiskers  by Ann Fahl, this is Oreo's official portrait quilt
Many of you have seen the quilts of my cat Oreo.  After publishing my first book, Coloring with Thread, I began working on a book including all my feline quilts.  Jacquie Scuitto wrote delightful verse to accompany the quilts. For years now, I've worked to find a publisher for my small volume. Time is marching, and I've decided to publish the book myself. My friend Sally is designing the pages for me and the pieces are coming together to form a colorful book.

This book will be for quilters, cat lovers, and people that would like to share quilts with their favorite children. In short, almost everyone will enjoy looking at the color photography and reading the accompanying poetry. If they want to know more about the quilts, there are short descriptions of each in the back.

Since I'm a quilter, not a publisher there have been some big challenges along the way; learning how books are bound, paper types, and purchasing my first ISBN number.  This number has consumed much of my time. After asking everyone about these things I've finally sifted through all the information on the web, and have one assigned to this upcoming book. This sounds like a small matter, but it was a huge challenge for me.

Yesterday I got so frustrated, I left my studio and went to have lunch at my favorite Hardee's. It was the change of scenery that I needed, and when I finished talking to my friend Carole, I drove home and purchased that ISBN number that has caused me so much anxiety!

For today, an isbn nimber is my big news.  I've been taking this book one step at a time, and this was one giant step for me. My next challenge is .............



Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Good luck to you, Ann... it sounds delightful!

KMY said...

wow! good luck with your big project!

Jane Moxey said...

Good luck with this new book venture. Oreo looks as handsome as I remember him!

Anonymous said...

I really love the idea.
Especially to share quilting with your children and grandchildren. What a wonderful way to pass on that love to future generations. Many of this generation of kids have short attention spans and need instant gradifcation [ probley thanks to video games]. It is our duty and privledge to not let the arts that take time, skill, practice and patience pass off the scene. Being able to make something beautiful with your own hands buids such self esteem and gives us so much satisfaction. What a precious gifts to pass on to our young ones.
Knowing your work I'm sure it will be visually exciting for us all to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Spelling is horrible, no editing! I need to read things first, post second!!!